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June 2016

Breaking news: Dickert, Chinese Parasol Tree, Health 06-02-16


Beautification and saving trees in Duncan Park Saturday 06-03-16


Largest wisteria stump, Tree of Heaven, etc. at Duncan Park 06-04-16


Ivy, bamboo, and kudzu at four MIle Branch Road 06-10-16


Gateway warts up at I-26 & highway 29 06-13-16


Woodridge neighborhood fights ivy & Tree of Heaven 06-15-16


Central United Methodist Ivy Pull at Manse 06-18-16


Fun stuff happening among the trees this week 06-21-16


Big day at Croft State Park (6/25) -- unless you are a kudzu plant 06-25-16


May 2016

Caught in the act.....of doing something good 05-03-16


Bike Park initiative--bad news and more discoveries 05-06-16


Sylvan Drive project: May 7 update 05-09-16


Today in the Garden--Hatcher Garden that is 05-11-16


Unique Hillbrook Lake Neighborhood's first trees "party" 05-17-16


What one person can do: Lou Adams versus kudzu 2008 05-21-16


Highway 9 and 585, Five months of struggle, January 8 to May 23 05-24-16


I-26 & Hway 29 Gateway -- 35 day transition 05-27-16


April 2016

Potting today 04-09-16


FL Holcombe Garden Club leads Woodridge attack on ivy 04-15-16


New Skateboard Park and Rail Trail: Progress and discoveries 04-16-16


Hub City Bike Park: Update on today's activities 04-17-16


GROUND ivy at Hatcher Garden: Easy, fun every Wednesday 04-18-16


Bamboo facts & removal: multiple sites 04-21-16


Seven new invasive removal demonstration sites on the Rail Trail 04-22-16


Highway 9 & 585 (North Pine Street) gateway: Unusual challenges 04-27-16


Yesterday 4/27 at Hatcher: Ivy and vinca removal 04-28-16


Saturday Trees Party in Hampton Heights 04-29-16

November 2016

Spartanburg Methodist students pull ivy at Hatcher Garden 11/1


Termite "juice" and NSF experiments in Spartanburg 11/4


Observations of Liquid Termite(r) treatments 11/7


Another invasive tree from China: Princesstree or Paulownia 11/11


Sprucing up traffic corridors: John B White Blvd. 11/14


Identification of new invasive tree at Glendale: Princess Tree 11/18


Bob Reynolds' success 11/23


Duncan Park Elaeagnus gets a headache 11/24


October 2016

Unveiling railroad structures -- proposed Bike Park 10/3


New vine remover tool works on Carolina Moonseed in Oak Creek 10/7


Mystery at Hatcher: Something under the wisteria out back 10/12


September 2016

Wonderful photos from the standpoint of native trees 9-9


Universi-Tree(r) at Hatcher Garden: Identification and removal 9-12


A wonderful Wednesday: Universi-Tree(r) at Hatcher & more 9/14


Kids steal the show: Wisteria and ivy in Hampton Heights 9/17


Highpoint & John B. White Blvd--Saturday & today 9/21


Restoring the Rail Trail 9/26


Bike Park clearance down the bank from Rail Trail 9/29


August 2016

Highlights from last week and plan for week ending 08-09-16


Trees week ended (8/13) and ahead 08-14-16


Huge success today for South Converse neighborhood 8-27


July 2016

Knocking back those pesky invasives in Duncan Park 07-01-16


New educational signs & Duncan Park activities 07-03-16


Unsung heroes (Trees Coalition volunteers you rarely hear about) 07-04-16


Update on Unsung heroes 07-05-16


Rail Trail at Country Club--Excavator takes down invasives 07-09-16


Gateway I-26 & Highway 221 cleanup 07-16-16


25 LDS Church Youth at Hatcher Garden, July 28--a new record 07-28-16


Highlight message: Last week (ending 7/30) and plan for next week 07-31-16


March 2016

"New" Invasive Shrub--Leatherleaf Mahonia--bad & getting wo 03-01-16


Autopsy of a large tree's death & fall 03-04-16


Mulching: "How not to ..." and "How to " on Rail Trail 03-13-16


Piles & piles of "bad guy" debris 03-15-16


Tracy Hannah's skyline ivy eyesore 1/12 vs 3/18 03-18-16


6 Million Bad Seeds (Tree of Heaven) Bite the Dust 3/7 & 3/16 03-19-16


Hatcher Garden invasive take-down 3/23 Call for volunteers!!! 03-23-16


Exciting day in Hampton Heights 03-26-16


February 2016

Can we eliminate privet? Test underway on South Pine Street 02-06-16


Record breaking neighborhood event at Crystal Springs ravine 02-07-16


First 100 are planted!!! Woodburn Road east of RR overpass 02-08-16


West side activities: Camelot & Park Hills 02-10-16


Cherries on top--South Pine Street 2/21/16


I-26 & 221 "Gateway" finished!...until summer 02-26-16


January 2016

Attacking bamboo in Converse Heights/Crystal Springs 01-01-16


New trail Drayton to Mary Black ivy & privet 01-03-16


Gateway clean up: I-26 & 221 interchange 01-07-16


Mary Helen Smith & White's Mill ivy: victory in three days 01-08-16


Camelot Neighborhood removes invasives: you can to 01-13-16


Tracy Hannah's "Ivy Against the Sky" site & 1/13 attack 01-15-16


Oakbrook students remove ivy and leatherleaf mahonia 01-16-16


Converse Softball Teams Knocks Privet Out of Park 1/18 MLK Day 01-18-16


Debris removal along Woodburn Road & Crystal Springs 1/20 01-20-16


New "Gateway" clean up & invasives take-down I 585 01-22-16


Rail Trail: Invasives removal at demonstratiion site # 2 01-25-16


Kevin Parris paints the "blank canvas" along Woodburn Road 01-30-16

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