An expansion of the Kudzu Coalition




The Trees Coalition is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit group located in Spartanburg, South Carolina that was formed to educate & inspire communities to care for trees, especially those planted along the streets and trails. The Trees Coalition is an expansion of the Kudzu Coalition, a group that pioneered herbicide-free kudzu removal.  We are a mix of volunteers and paid landscapers who train and work alongside neighborhoods, churches, and businesses to provide help in caring for their trees.



• To educate the community on the threats to and proper care of roadside, trail, park and green space trees.

• To engage the community in providing proper tree care, including the removal of invasive plants.

• To enhance community trees by hands-on activities to improve the health of our trees.

• We do NOT plant trees in new areas.


What We Do

• Educate neighborhoods, churches, businesses, and students regarding proper planting, pruning & mulching practices.

• Educate all on identification of and on removal of non-native invasives trees such as Tree of Heaven and Chinese Parasol

  Tree; and vines such as ivy, kudzu, and wisteria; and shrubs such as  privet, elaeagnus, and leather leaf mahonia with and without


• Offer kudzu removal education through Kudzu Kollege.

• Encourage completion of the Clemson Extension Tree Steward Class.

• Facilitate activities such as Trees parties to provide hands-on education and beautify local areas including gateways and

  intersections throughout the community.




Board of Directors


President & Chairman - Newt Hardie


Vice President - Buddy Waters


Vice President - Dr. Thomas White


Treasurer - Charles Covert


Secretary - Peggy Wilson


Directors – Celia Cooksey, Mark Ford, Leroy Jeter, Roy Mortimer, Kevin Parris, Dr. Bob Reynolds, Paul Savko, Stewart Winslow

Advisors – Dr. Lou Adams, Ashley Allen, Bill Barnet, Dick Carr, Charlie Crescenzi, Don Crowder, George Dickert, Katherine Hubbard, Co Irwin, Joe Maple, Linda McHam, Howard Miller, Monty Mullen, Dr. Gill Newberry, Melvin Norwood,  Steve Patton, Walt Pettiss, Henry Pittman, Peggy Romine, Johnny Savko, Todd Stephens, Bill Strickland, Angela Viney, Mary A. Walter, Dr. Thomas White


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About Us

The Trees Coalition Mission is to educate and engage the community in order to enhance trees in the Upstate of South Carolina.

All our information is free to use for non-commercial purposes;

please attribute it to the Trees Coalition. Thank you!